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For Sale:  Official "Harlow Sheep Co." baseball hat.  We had a limited number of these quality baseball hats made.  This is the official hat worn by all of us at Harlow Sheep Co.  Size = adjustable.  $25 plus shipping while supplies last. Contact me eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com


SOLD For Sale:  New litter of Anatolian Livestock Guardian Dog puppies.  2 femals (sold the females) 4 males.  They were born 7-1-11 and are READY NOW.  They were born on the Mountain allotment to a fantastic mother.  She is friendly, easy to catch as well as very strong defender of our sheep.  Their mother is fully fence broke.  Their father is very friendly to people and easy to catch.  He is also the dominate male in the Guard Dog pack.  $200 for female (FEMALES ALL SOLD) and $250 for males.  Eric 541 215 9109

SOLD For Sale:  Yearling Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Anatolian/Akabash.  Been with sheep their entire lives.  Ready to work for your sheep/farm.  2 Males.  $800 each.  www.harlowsheepco.com harlowsheep@gmail.com or Eric 541 215 9109

SOLD    For Sale: ABCA Registered Border Collie Puppies.  These are Gale/Greg pups.  Great ranch or trialing dogs. Powerful, natural out runners, easy to handle/train. Respectful but not soft. Ready May 1st. Eric 541 215 9109 CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM. Pedigrees provided on request.

270 + White Dorper, Dorper & Katahdin crossed ewes $120.00. 30 + more exposed for OCT lambing $140.00. White Dorper & Dorper rams $250 to $500. 2 7 Month Anatolian X Pyrennes males $400.00. Bonners Ferry,ID, 5 Year old Border Collie $400.00 208-290-2421

64 White Dorper X Rambouillet
42 White Dorper Cross
11 White Dorper
69 Katahdin
23 Katahdin X Dorper
67 Dorper X Barbados
07 Dorper
02 Barbados X Dorper
29 Katahdin x White Dorper X North Country Cheviot

Lou & Marva Maring
Clear Skies Sheep Company
744 Homestead Loop
Bonners Ferry , Idaho 83805
208-290-2421 Cell

For Sale:  We have several very nice Debouillet ewe-lambs for sale.  These will be 20-21 micron and long staple length.  $150 per head.  Contact me  541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

For Sale:  2yo Register Border Collie.  $1200  He will make a great farm or trial dog for ANYONE.  I do mean ANYONE.  A child could work Bobby with no problem.  He is a fantastic sheepdog but is gun shy.  He has been with us since he was a pup.  He is two years old now.  He is working in the mountains this summer and also worked last summer in the mountains and on the stubble fields.  It will not take much training to start trialing him.  He is a natural out runner and can gather the entire band out of a 500 acre field by himself.  Contact me, Eric 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

For Sale:  One Male Border Collie puppy from Gale's Second litter.  The father is Don Helsley's Cap.  $600 each.  Contact me, Eric 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

Gale's Reg.

Rusty Child's Brad  (Rusty's Pete-Karen Longmeier's  Liz)  (Bill Berhow's Nick-Tom Reilly's Kate) ((Jon Carter's IMP Tiff- Bob Copeland's IMP Val))
Rusty Child's Nell (Morgen Magnuson's IMP. Cap-Ray Coapman's @Sally)  (DD Brick's Scot- Pauline Thomas's Jan) ((Jim Battles IMP Nap-Jim Battles IMP. Fly))

For Sale:  450 Suffolk Rambouillet cross lambs.  Contract on or before August 15th for Sept. 1st delivery.  Call Eric 541 215 9109 if you would like to place a bid.

For Sale:  Cross-bred litter of working pups.  They are 3/4 border collie and 1/4 cattledog.  They will be very strong sheep dogs and great cattle dogs.  Very good driving dogs and heavier on the heel but with Border Collie trainability.  3 females and 2 males.  $150 per with spay/neuter contract.  Call Eric, 541 215 9109 or email me, eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

For Sale: 16 registered Suffolk rams.  These are ram-lambs I used for breeding this past fall.  $250 per head.  $150 per head if you take 6 or more.  Call Eric 541 215 9109 or email eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com 

For Sale:  Registered Border Collie pups.  Gale, my number one sheepdog on this ranch, has had her first litter.  The sire is a very powerful dog named Cap.  Cap is doing extremely well on the sheepdog trial circuit while maintaining his strength on large and small flocks of sheep.  These pups will be strong.  Both parents are very well built and sound.  We have two males and two females left for sale.  Price: $600  Please email or call me if you are interested.  eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com or 541 215 9109  SOLD

For Sale: Texel/Rambouillet Ewe-lambs.  SOLD These are white-faced ewe-lambs that I bred by crossing some very nice Texel Rams onto my Super-Fine ewes.  The lambs have meaty bodies but have a little more frame and finer wool then the straight Texels.  Call for price.  Delivery Available.  Contact Eric: 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

For Sale: 12 Texel 1-2yo rams. SOLD Some have papers and a couple are RR rams.  Call for price. Contact Eric: 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

Katahdin/X feeder lambs:  SOLD New lamb crop.  Average weight 95lbs Price: $90 per head.  Contact Eric: 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com 

For Sale:  SOLD 9500lbs super-fine wool.  700-800lb bales.  Core-test results provided upon request.  Contact Eric: 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

For Sale: SOLD 1 Started Male Kelpie.  9 Months old.  Started on Sheep.  Will make good sheepdog or cattledog.  Has a fantastic natural gather.  Will work all day without stopping.  I real go-getter.  Price: $1200 Contact Eric: 541 215 9109 or eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com

Katahdin Ewes:  SOLD  55 Mature ewes and 30 yearling-ewes.  All yearling-ewes have either had a single or twins this year.  This is a flock liquidation of my hair-sheep.  These are NOT cull-ewes.  Most of the ewes are 75% Katahdin and about half have at least some dorper influence.  The ewes are mostly white and all are great mothers.  We pasture lamb ONLY.  Each ewe will have had a lamb this year and around 10% have had triplets.  Most have twins.  I am looking to sell them as a flock.  Asking $125 per head cash deals only, FOB pasture gate.  We will wean this years lambs at the end of July and the ewes will be ready to go after that.  Call Eric: 541 215 9109

Katahdin Ewe-Lambs:  ALL SOLD This years crop of Katahdin ewe-lambs will be ready for market at the end of July.  These ewe-lambs will be perfect for starting your own flock of hairsheep or as replacements.  They are mostly white (I select for white) and they all shed their fleece each summer.  They are out of my commercial flock of Katahdins and the ram was Dorper/North Country Cheviot.  The ram fully shed his fleece.  These ewe-lambs will be meaty as well as fantastic mothers.  We will have 50-70 ewe-lambs available.  Minimum order of 6 with gate cut.  Price: $110 per head, FOB pasture gate


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