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We use "Sheepdog" as a generic term for dogs that are bred to work livestock and sheep in particular.  Click HERE to see our Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Current Team line-up:

Gale:  (Border Collie) I bought Gale as a puppy from Rusty Childs.  She has taken training well and is one powerful sheepdog.  She has a clean nose bite and is forceful enough to move anything either in the yards or in the pasture.
Dudley: (Border Collie)  Mother = Gale, Father = Mick.  I originally sold Dudley to Leavi Hermans of Wallowa, OR.  After Mick pasted I bought him back.  Dudley is lose-eyed, very large like his father and extremely biddable.
Toss: (Border Collie) Toss is just a puppy right now but she has HUGE promise.
Buck: (Border Collie) Buck is one of two Border Collie pups I bought out of Long Creek Oregon.  They are from a Cattle Ranch.

Katie's dogs:

Zack:  (Border Collie)  Zack is katie's main ranch dog.  He works hard for her.
Carlos:  (Border Collie/Australian Cattledog)  Katie bought Carlos from a local cattle ranch in the summer of 2007.  He is coming along very well as a pen dog.  He is small but works very hard.

Past dogs:

RIP Mick:  Redtop Mick (10-6-2001 - 10-15-2010)  Mick was my best friend and working partner.  He has been a huge part of my life for the past 7 years.  Mick was truly a member of our family and a loyal friend to the very end.  His passing reminds me of all the things we went through together.  He was there when I bought my first handful of sheep and at my side when I jump in with both feet to buy 900 ewe-lambs.  He was worked his heart out for me the first year we lambed out those ewe-lambs and learned his job of holding the ewes while I caught them to bring them into the barn.  I couldn't have done that without him.  Mick was my first "Open" dog that I trained (he was started when I bought him from Sue Wessels).  Mick was huge in size and personality.  Mick was kind to his sheep never biting lambs and would only work their mothers allowing the lambs to come right up to him, he would push them with his nose but never grip.  Mick was semi-retired this year but I could always get him from the kennel and take him to work without a second thought about him knowing the job.  I have been telling myself that I need to get another dog trained up to take his place but never wanting to accept that he wouldn't be there waiting for me to take him to work if needed. 

Mick was a one person dog.  He wouldn't work for any of the herders or even my wife Katie.  If ever I had to leave him somewhere he had to be tied up or he would leave to come look for me.  He was my dog.  They say you only get one or two really good dogs in one lifetime.  If that is true then I have had one really good dog in my life, it was Mick.  We love you Mick, your a good dog.

Dos: (Border Collie) Brother to Buck.  He is doing well here growing up as a future sheepdog.  This is a new photo as of Summer 2009.
Greg:  (Border Collie)  This is also one of number one dogs.  He has a natural outrun and extremely easy to train.  He has great sheep-sense.  He is a smaller dog with a medium coat.  For big outwork he is the first pick.  Greg lives for work and making his handler happy.  I see a great future for Greg on our ranch.
Piper: (Border Collie)  I bought Piper out of retirement from the Krebs Sheep Co.  My father came to work for our Co. and needed a very experienced dog and Piper is it.  They quickly built a strong friendship.
Pepper:  (Breed Unknown)  Pepper is the only non-working dogs we have on the ranch.  Her job is to protect Katie when I am out of town and general comedy relief.  She has been with me the longest of all my dogs.
Bobby:  (Border Collie)  He is small with a rough coat.  He is a very good driving type dog with lots of push and a very biddable personality.

SOLD:  I sold Bobby to a good friend of mine, Lou of Northern Idaho.  Lou needed a good biddable dog to help him on his ever-growing flock and Bobby fit the bill.  Bobby is gun-shy so it was sometimes hard for the herders when they had to protect the sheep in the mountains.  Bobby will for sure be missed.

Jake:  (Border Collie)  Jake is Gale's son from her very first litter.  His father is Don Helsey's Cap, a fantastic dog.  Jake started his working career with lots of push and natural sheep-sense.  He has started working in the mountains this summer. 

RIP, He was very promising and learning fast.  We lost him in an accident in Oct. 2008, he was 11 months old.

Bill:  (Border Collie)  Bill is from a cattle ranch in Sand Point ID.  His father is Sue Wessels' Jax.  I sold Bill to Cameron.
Guy: (Kelpie)  Guy is out of Robbie Agard's female, Fern and his male, Taco.  Guy is young but seems to be taking to training very well.  He is now working for the Lanthorp sheep/cattle Ranch in Eastern, OR.
Sioux: I sold Sioux to a semi-retirement home in Eastern CA.  He will have a great life there working a small flock and playing with the kids.  Sioux is greatly missed. He is calm, thinks for himself, and is a great trial dog as well. Sioux has won some trials in the south and here in the Northwest. Sioux is a rough coated, tri-color male with a big heart.  Sioux has since passed away from stomach cancer.  RIP
Gwen:  (Kelpie)  I bought Gwen as a puppy from James Farnham of AZ.  I started her and she is now working and trialing for her new owner in Utah.  Gwen is a very talented Kelpie who should do very well for her new partner.
Hoodie:  Hoodie is one of the most dedicated Border Collies I have ever had the pleasure to know.  He is a litter mate to Sioux.  He was given to me a couple years ago by Sue Wessels who trained him from a puppy.  I trialed him for a year and then used him as my primary ranch dog.  We  retired Hoodie recently to a small sheep ranch in Easter Washington state.
Dillon: (Kelpie)  I bought Dillon as a three month old puppy from a local sheep rancher.  He was one of the first dogs I owned and started myself.  I ran him at the USBCHA sheepdog finals in Nursery.  Dillon was equally good on cattle and sheep.  He is now working with a rancher in Nevada who just loves his never-say-die dedication to work.


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