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Winter 2010 Taken by the herders.


Shearing 2010


Fall 2010 sorting lambs at Sunhaven Farms where we are on two grazing projects.


The First photo is of our new herder, Luis.  The second is Guillermo (been here for 1 year) and the last photo is of Buck and Dose, (Border Collies) and the white dogs are LGD puppies.
The first photo is of my dad and Guillermo.  If you look close you can see the hillside behind them is covered in sheep.  The second photo is me and and Guillermo and the last one is of Guillermo's tent.
The first photo is of Pepe (Kelpie pup) trying to turn a lamb.  The second is of my number 1 LGD Tom. and the last is again Pepe learning how to turn sheep.


This is the new decal for my new (used) semi truck. The lettering is black and maybe black wasn't a good choice.  I need to bring the lettering out a little more.  Perhaps with a highlight.




John Harlow's (my dad) visit.


Marking/Vaccinating lambs, Spring 2010



The fall-winter feeder lambs.
The feeder lambs and Guillermo in the center.
This is what a Coyote sees when he is coming up on my sheep at night.  Big Tom.
Feeder lambs playing in the ditch.


These photos are from the Pendleton Round-up Rodeo.  It is a huge event around here, the biggest of the year.  Katie, Ethan and I went on opening day.


These photos were sent to me by Carol Hibbard.  She was here to help.
These photos were taken by Katie.


This is our lambs.  August 1st 2009.  The grass is green and the lambs are doing great.
More pics of our sheep and also our transfer herder, Garcia.  It is 107 degrees in the valley and about 20 degrees cooler on the allotment.


Summer 2009, Katie and her young horse, Lana.


Summer 2009 Mountain allotment.  The first photo is Buck a young sheepdog.
These are very good examples of how steep the allotment is and how fat the lambs are getting.
More photos of the allotment.
The allotment.  Buck and Ethan in the middle photo.
In the middle photo you can see a ewe that we have back at the house.  Her leg was infected and so didn't want her on the allotment.  She has lived here for six weeks now and has learned how to steel dogfood out of the kennels behind the house.  The dogs allow her to do this, I don't know why.

The photo on the right is Katie lunging her horse for the first time since she had Ethan.

These photos are from our recent trip back to Wisconsin.  All of Ethan's cousins were there.
More Wisconsin photos.  The last photo is my mother with Ethan.
Wisconsin:  The first photo is of my father and Ethan.  The other two photos of of Ethan riding his first horse (pony), he is joined by his cousin Jo.
Wisconsin:  The first photo is of all the grandkids, my fathers tractor, and the milk-parlor.


This is Gyp (puppy-name).  He is going to Nancy Obernier.  A very solid pup.  Ali, the female we kept, is on the left in the center photo.


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