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Livestock Guardian Dog team

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs are one of the most important parts of our operation.  I can honestly say I wouldn't be able to sleep at night without them. 

Nine:  Anatolian.  She is fast and ferocious when trouble is afoot. 

Past Dogs:

Jorge:  Anatolian.  Jorge is Nine's son from her first litter of pups.  At eight months old he is bigger then Nine and has a very powerful bark.  Jorge works with his mother and listens to her every word; as we all should listen to our mothers. 

We lost Jorge November 16th 2007.  He put his entire self into protecting our sheep and lost his life.  Jorge will be greatly missed.

Trooper:  Anatolian.  Trooper is Nine's male equal.  I usually use Trooper for special assignments.  He is particularly good at guarding lambs.
Frank:  Anatolian/Akabash.  Frank is of Sal, (litter mate to Nine) and Houdini (Akabash) owned by Cameron Gillespie. 

I sold Frank to Lana Rowley of Sandy OR.  I am sure he will be a great LGD for her flock.  He will be missed.  


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