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Please don't forget to bookmark our site before you take off to one of the links below.

Stilhope  Denise Walls website.  Fellow sheep and Border Collie people.

Clyde Shooting Preserve  We are currently grazing for Kit Lane in the spring.

Sheep Production and Management  A nice website about sheep production.  A general overview.

Top StockDogs and Double V StockDogs are two websites owned and updated by Dave and Trudy Viklund.

Clear Skies Sheep Company.  I did the website for them.  Lou is a sheep producer in Northern Idaho.

Lacamas Valley Sheepdog Trial  This trial is run by my good friend Lynn Johnston on his family's beautiful dairy.  It is located just outside of Portland, OR.  I highly recommend checking it out for some summer fun.

Debouillet Sheep description

The American Lamb Board  This is a great resource for cooking ideas and general information on American Lamb.

www.patrickshannahan.com  Patrick is a world renowned sheepdog handler, trainer, shepherd and a great friend of ours.

www.eatwild.com A great website about the benefits of natural, Grass-fed livestock.

www.localharvest.com A website dedicated to locally grown foods and livestock production.

www.wrencountrysticks.co.uk Maker of herding sticks.

www.helsleyranch.com  Don is another great sheepdog handler, and friend.

www.americanbordercollie.org The American Border Collie Association (ABCA)

www.osds.org  The Oregon Sheep Dog Society.  Great people and a great organization.  All the latest and greatest on trialing in the Pacific Northwest.

www.usbcha.com The United States Border Collie Handlers Association.  Our governing body for sheepdog trialing.

www.isds.org.uk The International Sheepdog governing body. 

LA Salon LLC  My sister Heather owns a Salon back my hometown, Merrill.  This is her website.


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