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Lambing Record

Record of lambing 2007


  • Moved Cameron's ewes from the grass circle to his home ranch.  We used my Semi Truck and Cameron's set of doubles.  Cameron also hired a second driver and used his set of doubles as well.  It took 3.5 loads to move his sheep home.  Justin and Lee started work on this day.  I also hired on James to help out.


  • Justin and Lee worked.  We moved the Pratleys up to my grass circle in Pasco.  We set them up and took down some fence.  We also moved the water truck back down to the new lambing camp in the Dry Creek.


  • We loaded out and moved my band of sheep from Pasco to the lambing camp in this Dry Creek.  Justin and Lee worked.  We used my Semi Truck and Cameron's set of doubles.  It took us 2.5 loads.  I fed out 1 bale of pea hay and 1 bale of Lima bean hay.
  • We trailed the first two loads of sheep over the creek before dark and left the third half load on the west side where we unloaded.  We had two LGDs on the third load and they stayed with the sheep.  Nine came on the first load and was with the first two loads of sheep on the eastside of the creek.


  • Found 1 aborted lamb.  Didn't find the ewe who aborted the lamb.  We did find 1 dead and partially eaten ewe.  I assume this lamb was from her and the Coyotes got her the first night.  Nine was the only LGD with them the first night.  It could also have been the neighbors dog.  We have been having issues with him not keeping him on a chain.


  • Fed 1 Lima Bean and 1 Pea
  • Got the Molasses Feeders setup.


  • Fed 1 Lima Bean and 3 Pea
  • Moved the all ewes from the North Pasture to the South Pasture.  On Full Feed now.
  • Justin and Lee went home.


  • Fed 1 Lima Bean and 1 Pea


  • Fed 2 Pea and 1 Lima Bean
  • Found Prolapse ewe in pasture looking like she would lamb.  Caught her and put her in jug 23-A.  Waited until 7pm, no lamb.  Felt for lamb, found head with no feet.  Feet where not forward.  Had Katie pull one leg forward then in pulled the lamb.  The lamb was already dead, this was an aborted lamb that she could pass due to the front legs being in the wrong position.  Put Tag number 5001 in her ear.  I put the ewe in the orphan head-gate to milk off her colostrum.


  • Fed 3 Pea.
  • Milked ewe in Orphan head-gate twice.
  • Caught a second prolapsed ewe.  Put her in Jug 23-B. No Tag yet.  She kept pushing her Prolapse harness to one side, she relapsed.  I have her on full feed and she is doing well now.  Very Bad prolapser.


  • Fed 2.5 pea.
  • Found Aborted Lamb in pasture.  10am, found ewe from aborted lamb.  She had no bag at all.  She was very difficult to catch. No treatment was given.  Ear Tag # 5002.  Jug 23-C


  • 2.5 pea and 1 Lima Bean.
  • Found a ewe outside of the night pen fence standing by the river.  Apparently toxic.  Jug 23-A.  Treated with 30cc Propylene (trench), 60cc Nutri-Drench, .5 flake of Alfalfa and 1lb corn.
  • 4pm treated ewe in 23-A with 30cc more of Nutri-Drench and gave her another 1lb of corn.  She is looking a little better now.
  • 4:30pm Turned out ewe #5001 and #5002 into the mixing pens.  They have free-choice Lima Bean Hay.  This was the ewe in the orphan head gate and the ewe with no bag and aborted lamb.  There is no reason to keep either in the barn.
  • Caught another prolapsed ewe (Very Big) who was losing her harness.  She had pushed out the retainer.  No relapse.  We caught her and put her in Jug 23-D.  She is a very flighty ewe.  Gave her some Alfalfa.


  • Jug 23-B. Prolapsed ewe brought in oozing.
  • Jug 23-D Prolapsed ewe lost her retainer.  Very hard to catch.
  • 10am Found Ewe 5002 dead in splitter pen.  NO Lamb.  She retained her placenta.  Did seems sick when I turned her out and was eating well.
  • 3pm Caught two ram-lambs. Put in Jug14-A/B
  • 7:40pm Jug 23-C  Ewe is pushing but is prolapsed ewe.  Gave her some Alfalfa and she is eating.  She isn't lambing, just trying to push her Prolapse back out.
  • Time unknown, Justin caught the third ram-lamb #16.


  • 8:45pm Jug 23-D, Moved retainer from Vag. to Anal Prolapse.
  • Time unknown, Jug 22-A Ewe with twins, Lambs are dry and nursing
  • 9:40pm Jug 23-A Ewe is NOT drinking or eating.  Drenched her with Molasses and water solution, about .5 liter.  Gave her 6cc of NuFlor and gave her another 60cc of Nutri-Drench.
  • 10pm Jug 23-C, Gave 3cc BO-SE
  • 11pm Jug 23-C, Removed Prolapse harness.  Watching for lamb.
  • 1am Jug 23-C, No Lamb.
  • 1:30am Jug 23-C, relapsed, put retainer back in.
  • 3:45am Jug 22-A, Put heat lamp on jug.


  • 6:25am Jug unknown, Caught ewe and single lamb. Lamb is nursing.
  • 8:50am Jug 22-C, feet and Nose showing.
  • 8:59am Jug 2-C, Pulled lamb, very large.  Ewe is flighty but is mothering the lamb.  Put heat lamb on jug.
  • 11:39am  Fed Alfalfa and Corn to ewes in jugs.
  • 12:08pm Jug 22-D, Brought ewe in, water broke, Legs and Nose showing.
  • 12:30pm Jug 22-D, Had twins.
  • 1:15pm Jug 21-A, Brought in ewe.
  • 3pm Jug 21-A, had lamb.
  • 3:30pm Jug 21-A lamb is up and nursing.
  • 3:45pm, PGG delivered the Canola Mill.
  • 4:45am, Jug 21-B, Brought in ewe, found aborted lamb, still in the sack.  The ewe was just laying there.
  • 8:25am Jug 21-C, Prolapsed ewe is pushing.  Removed Prolapse harness.
  • 9:35am Jug 21-D, ewe had lamb.


  • Time unknown Jug 21-B, Ewe #5003 aborted Lamb.
  • Time Unknown, Jug 21-D.  Ewe had backwards lamb.  Pulled lamb.
  • 11:23am Jug 21-D, Lamb is nursing.
  • 11:30am, Moved the 3 Ram-Lambs to the pen between the two barns.
  • 1pm, All water in jugs cleaned.
  • 1:45pm: Lambs Turned out:
  • 5021 Single
  • 5022 Single
  • 5023 Single
  • 5024 Twins
  • 5026 Twins
  • 8:05pm, Jug 21-B ewe #5003 Turned ewe out, NO Lamb.
  • 10pm, Jug 20-B, Brought in ewe, she had a single in the night pen.
  • 12:45am, Jug 20-C, Brought in ewe, had single in the night pen.
  • 1:35am, Jug 20-D, Brought in ewe, had single in the night pen.
  • 3:15am, Jug 20-D, Ewe had second lamb.
  • 5:50am, Jug 19-A, Brought in ewe, about to lamb.
  • Time unknown, Jug 19-B Ewe had twins in night pen.
  • Time unknown, Jug 19-C Ewe 5024 Brought back in w/twins.


  • Time Unknown, Ram-lamb 24 Having Trouble.
  • Time Unknown, 19-D Ewe brought in.
  • 11am, 18-A Ewe brought in.
  • 1pm, 19-D Pulled Single
  • 1:15pm, 18-A Pulled Single
  • 1:17pm, 18-B Pulled Single.
  • 1:17pm, Gave 1 bucket of Canola-Mill to ewes in splitter pens.
  • Twins marked on right side.  Mothers with Twins have red mark on head.  Singles Marked on the left side.
  • 3pm Turnout lambs.
  • 5:32pm 18-C Brought in ewe W/single.  Ewe is blind in Right eye.
  • 5:32pm 18-D Brought in w/single.  Watch for twin.
  • 4pm, Brought Rams back from grass field, put in ram pen next to horses.
  • 6pm, 18-D had twins
  • 9:10pm, ewes checked and fed.
  • 10:30pm, ewes checked.
  • 11pm, 22-A Vag. Discharge?


  • 12:30am 22-A feet out.  Pulled lamb 10 minutes later.  Lamb was still-borne.  Had twin, alive but weak.
  • 1am-2:30am 22-B 22-C 22-D, brought in ewes.  22-D had twins.  22-C single. 23-D twins, good mother.
  • 3:30 - 4:30am 21-A had single, large teats. 21-B single.
  • 7am 22-A ewes, 5005 lost both lambs, 1 still borne, 1 white muscle lamb.  Moved her to head gate 1.
  • 11am, turned prolapsed ewe back out with non-lambed ewes.  Took harness off.  No relapse in two days.
  • 11:15, turnout.
  • 11:15 5024 return out.
  • 11:45 Dayshift starts in jug 17-A.
  • 4pm, 17-D brought in w/single. 16-A ewe brought in.
  • 4:20pm, ewes in splitters fed canola.
  • 5pm, 16-B ewe brought feet showing, single borne minutes later.
  • 5:15pm, all ewes fed and watered.
  • 6:07pm, 16-A ewe brought in w/feet showing, had single
  • 6:30pm, 16-C ewe brought in.

Lost Page


  • 10:16am, 15-A Ewe is not mothering.
  • 10:30am, 14-C Ewe brought in ready to lamb.
  • 11:30am, 14-D Ewe ready to lamb, Pulled lamb.
  • 11:30am, L-1 ewe ready to lamb, pulled lamb.
  • 11:30am, 15-A, held lambs head to teat.
  • 11:45am, 14-A, poor mother.
  • 12:40, L-2 Good mother.
  • 12:40, L-3 ewe is pushing.
  • 12:40, L-4 good mother.
  • 1pm, turnout ewes/lambs to splitter pens.
  • 1pm, turned out ewe in headgate 1 with NO LAMB.
  • 1pm, 15-A, poor mother, put her in headgate 2.
  • 1pm, L-3, pulled lamb, mother cleaning.
  • 1:30pm, L-5 lambed in field, good mother.
  • 1:50pm, L-6, prolapsed ewe.
  • 3:45pm, 22-C restart bring in ewe HERE.
  • 5pm, 23-D, Prolapsed ewe started to lamb, removed harness.
  • 5:10pm, 21-A brought in w/single
  • 5:10pm, headgate 2 ewe had second lamb, borne dead.
  • 5:20pm, 22-C had twins.
  • 6:35pm, 23-D has lamb, twin is on the way.
  • 7pm, 23-D had twin, good mother.
  • 9:30pm, 21-B brought in ewe with single, watch for twin.
  • 10pm, 23-B will lamb soon, felt two feet.
  • 10:46pm, 21-B, pulled second lamb, ewe is mothering.
  • 10:50pm, 23-B, pulled lamb, mother isn't mother yet.
  • 11:30pm, 23-B, poor mother w/twins.


  • 12:10am, 21-C, pulled lamb in field, nursing good mother.
  • 12:10am, 21-D, pulled lamb in field, good mother.
  • 12:45am, 20-A, good mother.
  • 1:15am, 20-B, brought in ewe, ready to lamb.
  • 1:30am, 21-C, lamb nursing.
  • 2am, 23-B, poor mother, fed lamb 100ml of colustrum, 200ml to twin.
  • 2:30am, 20-B, had twins, one is smaller twin.  Smaller lamb isn't nursing.
  • 2:32am, 20-C, ewe brought in gooing, had twins.
  • 3:10am, 19-A, Ewe brought in w/lamb.
  • 3:20am, 19-B, Ewe brought in w/lamb.
  • 3:30am, 19-C, Ewe brought in w/lamb.
  • 3:30am, 20-D, Ewe brought in w/lamb.
  • 4:20am, 19-C, Ewe showing goo.
  • 4:30am, Headgate, 5004 turned out.  Milked off colastrum. NO LAMB.
  • 4:30am, 23-B, had twins, poor mother Moved to headgate?.
  • 4:50am, Headgate1 tubbed week lamb.
  • 4:55am, 18-A, ewe brought in gooing.
  • 5:10am, 9-A, pulled twin, ewe is cleaning.
  • 5:15am, 18-A, pulled twin, ewe is cleaning.
  • 5:50am, 18-B, Goo showing.
  • 6:35am, 18-C, Brought in w/single, good mother.
  • 6:35am, L-6, Brought w/goo.
  • 9am, 18-B, pulled lamb, ewe is cleaning.
  • 9am, L-6, pulled lamb, ewe is cleaning.
  • 10:30am, 15-A, Ewe brought in w/goo.
  • 10:54 Turn out lambs.
  • 11:39am, 13-A, Ewe brought in with feet and nose showing.
  • Branding
  • 12pm, turnout
  • 2pm, 12-A, Brought in ewe w/single.
  • 2pm, 13-B, Brought in ewe w/single.
  • 2pm, 13-C, Brought in ewe w/goo.
  • 2pm, 12-A, Brought in w/twins.
  • 6:25pm, 11-A, Brought in w/single.
  • 8:05pm, 11-B, Brought in w/goo.
  • 8:06pm, 11-C, brought in w/goo.
  • 9pm, 11-B, Lamb pulled ewe is mothering.
  • 9:02pm, 11-B, bleeding.  Watch closely.
  • 9:02pm, 11-C, ewe had single, mothering well.
  • 11:32pm, 10-A, brought in w/single.
  • 11:32pm, 10-B, Brought in w/single, possible twins.
  • 11:32pm, 10-C, pulled lamb.
  • 11:34pm, 9-B, Ewe keep jumping out of jug A into jug B.  Moved her to Jug A, then moved her back to jug B.


  • 12:15am, 9-B, Ewe brought in w/goo, had lamb and cleaned.
  • 12:30am, 9-B, lamb is clean.
  • 12:30am, 9-A, Ewe has calmed down, stopped jumping out of jug.
  • 1:10am, 9-B, had twin, good mother.
  • 1:45am, 9-C, Brought in w/gooing, good mother, lamb is nursing.
  • 1:50am, 9-A, pulled lamb, ewe was tired, ewe is cleaning, good mother.
  • 2:25am, 8-A, Ewe brought w/single. Pulled lamb, single leg sticking out.  Reached in to get second leg, pulled lamb, ewe is mothering.
  • 2:35am, 8-B, Ewe brought w/goo.
  • 2:45am, 8-C, Ewe brought in w/goo.
  • 2:50am, 8-B, Had lamb, cleaned lamb, lamb is nursing.
  • 3:15am, 8-C, Had lamb, cleaned, lamb is nursing.
  • 4am, 8-D, Ewe brought in, lambed in field, over half way out when found.  Lamb is nursing.
  • 5:10am, 8-E, ewe brought in w/goo. ewe lambed, cleaning, etc.
  • 9:23am, 8-F, ewe brought in w/feet.
  • 10:30am, 8-F, pulled lamb.
  • Time unknown, Turn out.
  • 10am, 1-A, ewe brought in w/single.
  • 10:10am, 1-B, ewe brought in w/single.
  • 10:20am, 1-C, ewe brought in w/goo.
  • 11:30am, 2-A, ewe brought in w/single, pulled twin.
  • 12:30pm, 2-B, ewe brought in w/goo.
  • 2pm, 2-C, ewe brought in w/single.  Good mother.
  • 2:05pm, 23-C, Ewe had twin.
  • 7:15pm, 3-A, mothering lamb.
  • Time unknown, 3-B, ewe had lamb, mothing well.
  • Time unknown, branding.
  • 7:15pm, 3-C, ewe is mothering.
  • 7:30pm, 4-A, Ewe brought w/goo, 10:20pm had twins.
  • 7:35pm, 4-B, ewe brought w/goo.
  • 8:17, 5-A, ewe brought in w/twins.
  • 8:17pm, 4-C, ewe brought w/single.
  • 8:54pm, 4-A, pulled lamb.
  • 9:09pm, 5-B, Gooing.  Pulled @ 10:11pm.
  • 10:58pm, 5-C, Gooing.
  • 11:30pm, 6-A, had single.


  • 12:20am, 5-C, pulled lamb. Good mother.
  • 12:45am, 6-B, Brought in w/feet.
  • 1:05am, 6-C, Brought in w/feet.  Lambed, good mother.
  • 1:15am, 6-B, had lamb, cleaned, nursing.
  • 4:30am, 7-A, gooing.
  • 5:05am, 7-A, pulled lamb. good mother.
  • 5:05am, 7-B, brought in w/lamb. Good mother.
  • Placenta check: 6-B, 6-C, 6-A, 5-C, 5-B, 5-A, 4-C, 4-A, 7-B
  • 5:30am, 2-B, prolapsing.
  • 7:54am, 7-C, Brought in w/single. Good mother.
  • 8am, 22-A, brought in w/single. Good mother.
  • 8:10am, 22-B, brought in w/single.  Good mother.
  • 8:45am, 22-D, Brought in w/goo.
  • 10am, 23-A, Ewe laying on side not able to stand, lose.
  • 10:18am, 21-A, brought in w/single, watch for twin.
  • 10:18am, 21-C, Dead lamb in field.
  • 10:20am, 21-D, brought in w/goo.
  • 11:04am, 22-D, Pulled lamb.
  • 11:45am, 21-A, Brought in w/single.
  • 11:45am, 21-b, Brought in w/single.
  • 11:45am, 21-c, No Lamb yet.
  • 11:45am, 21-d, Katie pulled lamb.
  • 12:20pm, 22-C Had twin.
  • 12:20pm, 21-c, had lamb.
  • 12:18pm, 20-b, brought in.
  • 12:18pm, 20-a, brought in w/single.
  • 12:55pm, 20-c, single
  • 1:10pm, 20-d, brought in w/single.
  • 1:35pm, 19-a, brought in.
  • 1:40pm, 19-b, Twins, 1 deformed.
  • 1:52pm, 19-c, Feet out.
  • 2pm, 19-c, Pulled lamb.
  • 2pm, 20-d, Twin born.
  • 3pm, 19-d, Gooing, born 0700.
  • 7:06pm, 18-b, 1st w/twins
  • 7:30, 18-b, Had twins.
  • 9:30pm, 4-b Pulled Rotten lamb.  Gave la200, Nutri-Drench.


  • 1am, 19-a, pulled black lamb, ewe is weak, most likely will die.  Put lamb in with 19-b.
  • 02:33am, 18-c, pulled single.
  • 3:24am, 18-d, showing.
  • 4:15am, 17-a, single
  • 4:30am, 17-b single
  • 4:40am 17-c, showing.
  • 5:55am, 17-d, single.
  • 8:47am, 19-d, Pulled twin.
  • 8:47am, 18-d, Pulled single.  Had dead small twin.
  • 9am, 23-a, Drenched 60cc water.
  • 9:27am, 16-a, W/single
  • 10:17am, 16-a, brought in w/single.
  • 11:08am, 16-a, ewe w/twins.
  • 11:28am, 16-c, Showing sack.
  • 11:51am, 16-d, Single, twins on the way.
  • 12:04pm, 15-a, Ewe w/single, twin on the way.
  • 12:20pm, 16-c, pulled lamb.
  • 1:03pm, 15-b, pulled lamb.
  • 1:34pm, Navels dipped, watch ewe 18-d, lamb calling, ewe is not standing, she has not touched alfalfa, make ewe stand for lambs.
  • 2:57pm, 15-c, brought in w/single.
  • 3pm, 23-a, drench 90cc water.
  • 3:20pm, 15-d, brought in w/single.
  • 4.41pm, 14-a, pulled single.
  • 5:20pm, 14-b single, twin on the way.  Twined at 10pm.
  • 5:30pm, 14-c, single
  • 18-d single lamb grafted to 18-c, put her in headgate 2
  • 6:46pm, 13-a, Brought pushing.
  • 7pm, 13-a, single
  • 9:25pm, 13-b, single
  • 9:40pm, 13-c, Brought in gooing.
  • 12:46am, 12-a, pulled single.
  • 1:18am, 12-b, pulled single.
  • 3:12am, 12-c, single.
  • 5:08am, 11-a, single.
  • 9am, 11-b, brought in w/twins.
  • 9am, 11-c, brought in w/single.
  • 9am, 10-a, brought in w/single.
  • 9am, 10-b, brought in w/feet, prolapsed ewe.
  • 9am, 10-c, brought in gooing.


  • 9:10am, 10-b, single borne.
  • 9:10am, 9-a, ewe brought in laboring.
  • 11:22am, 9-b, brought in gooing.
  • 11:22am, 9-c, brought in w/single.
  • 11:30am, 9-b, pulled lamb.
  • 11:55am, turned out single.
  • 12pm, 8-a, twins.
  • 12:10pm, 8-b single.
  • 12:40pm, 8-c, single.
  • 12:52, 8-d, Drenched.
  • 2pm, 8-d, pulled single.
  • 3:31pm, 8-d, showing
  • 3:50pm, Turned out twins.
  • 3:54pm, 8-f, showing, 4:17pm pulled single.
  • 5:30pm, 1-a, brought w/feet showing.
  • 6pm, 1-a pulled lamb.


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