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Directions to Lambing Camp 2007

From: East, West or South:

Come to Pendleton, OR via Hwy 84.  Take hwy 11 North, follow signs for Milton-Freewater and Walla Walla.  Look for the Weston Exit, pass the Weston Exit you will want to take your next left (at the bottom of the long hill) This is Steen Rd.  You will follow this road through a tunnel with a low overhead clearance sign.  After the tunnel you will drive about 3 miles.  Look for a yellow double-wide trailer on your left hand side.  The access road is on your left just before the trailer.  Take the access road past the trailer and over the pipe-bridge (be careful on the bridge, go slow).  After the bridge turn right and follow the road to a fork.  Take the right hand fork and you will be dropped down to the front of the lambing barn.

Note: if you have a large RV, you will want to stay on the left fork, park and come find me so we can determine where to park your RV.

Coming From the North:  Take Hwy 124 or 12 into Walla Walla, then follow the signs south to Pendleton.  Come south through Milton-Freewater and while climbing the big hill on the south side of Milton-Freewater you will take your first right, there is a sign for an airport there.  Follow this road around and back down the hill.  After you cross a set of train tracks, the access road will be your first right.  You should see the sheep on your right hand side.  Once on the access road, follow directions above.


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